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Love Ladii Lee  


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Love Ladii Lee 

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In life challenges are to be faced. There is simply no way of avoiding them. You're going to go through ups and downs, loss of family members, loss of employment, a period where you are lost and confused of what to do next. This is just a cycle each individual have to go through in order to make us strong and wise. Many of us pray for strength while not realizing the only way we can become stronger is by going through pain. Trials and tribulations are designed for us to learn perseverance. You can't let the plan of the enemy distract you from what God has placed you on this earth to do.

So many times I have been in situations where I had to look back and reach on the moments I was not able to do anything but go through a trial, which is what gave me the strength to be able to go through the next predicament. God will put you through one thing just so you can be ready for the next thing. Life is not meant to break you down, but to build you up for the preparation of Heaven. When you look at trials and tribulations as test we must pass, you begin to have a different understanding to what the trial is all about. Your faith will be tested, but through each test your faith will begin to develop into a stronger wall of belief in Our Father if only you persevere through the hard moments.

I always loved the sun, become it seems as if when it rises even the darkness has to get out of the way. You become filled with that kind of light the more you walk in Christ, the more you forgive, the more you don't give up, the more you believe in self, the more miracles that will unfold in front of you. Your light is your Strength! And the only way to gain more strength is to keep faith in God through it all, and to believe with all your mind, heart, body , and soul, that God will bring you through, and he will, if you just believe! Claim it, be Gracious, and don't let any moment stop you from progress.

Love, Peace, and Happiness


Love Ladii Lee

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I was walking around Flanagan Lake when I looked in the sky and saw what I prayed for. I had asked God to let me see an angel in the clouds and I reminisced on the time I asked God if I could see an angel before. I knew the odds were slim, but I also thought to myself how slim the odds were the first time. I remember it like yesterday. My husband at the time, and I were driving home from Walmart when all of the sudden I began to yell “turn the car around, turn the car around.” My Ex had no idea why all of the sudden I started to scream but I was so amazed that the clouds revealed an angel that took up most the sky, I just had to see it again, but by the time we were able to come back around the angel had disappeared. I wasn’t quite sure if my Ex truly believed the sky had transformed but my eyes couldn’t shake the miracle it had beheld, and deep in my heart I always wanted to see that angel again.

So the day I took this picture I knew God had set it up for me. Looking up is my hobby and when I notice the depiction of Christ in the clouds I knew I had to take a picture. This was a sign to me that God is watching every move we make. He is listening to our every word and is guiding our every step. This was a sign showing if you ask, He will deliver. I can say that God is my protector and this picture may not reveal the same image to the next pair of eyes, but I know in my heart God placed it in the clouds for all the world to see that God speaks and He lives and this was Him answering a small prayer for me.

Thank you for listening 😇

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it seems as though life is a struggle. It's like as soon as you get over one obstacle there is another hurtle you have to jump. No matter what you do it always feels like your falling behind or off track and can't seem to figure out what this world has to offer you. Life is full of pressure, pressure to become someone, pressure at work, pressure to succeed, but no one ever seems to be up for the challenge. Complaints is always mentioned but blessing are rarely recognized. If we looked at life from a different perspective I wonder how happy each individual would be. It seems as if we ask for things and even when we receive them they just weren't exactly what we thought it would be.

For a long time I questioned many things that happened to me over my life span, while wondering why God would allow such things to happen to me. What appeared to be traumatizing events ended up being life changing experiences in reality. It wasn't until April 13, 2018 that I was able to stop questioning the plans God had set before me. This was the day I let all my fears go and gave all my worries and my stress to the Lord. This was also the day I began to understand that I don't have to understand everything. God does everything for a reason, from the seasons, to the passing of a loved one. From a starving child to a homeless person. God is the Father of all Fathers and His masterplan is set up to where no one can fail, and though this may be hard to believe and visualize, I believe in my heart that this is true.

Life is challenging but its about being ready for that challenge and accepting the mission. When I took this picture the first thing that came to mind was the preparation. This squirrel acted as if he knew I was going to take this picture. So much so, it almost looks as if he was posing for the camera. That was when I realized life is about being ready for anything at any moment, but the only way to be ready is to be with God because it is He who has everything you need to be prepared. Its about having faith and knowing with God all things are possible.

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