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Girl Gazing

Creative Minds 

Explore an imaginery world where you can discover different ways to become a better you. With each short story you can gain creative ways to look at life from a different perspective. Learn how to overcome traumatizing situations, and grow into an enlighten spiritual being by utilizing the lessons learned from each tale. Eliminate the box that surrounds you and expand your imagination to the different realms of life by just tuning in. 

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The Mini Trials 

A Time to Speak


My heart dropped instantly the moment I saw my father step into the classroom. Sweat dripped from his head as he held his eyes so wide open you would have thought he was and owl. I knew he wasn't suppose to be here, I also knew that Ms. Veronica had no idea my father should never be at my school picking me up, but this was only elementary and my fears were bigger than my voice at the time. I sat nervously watching my father explain to Ms. Veronica the reason why I had to leave class at noon instead of 3:45pm when school should be released.


"Hey Im Travis, Sarah's father. I'm here to pick Sarah up for a doctors appointment she has at 1pm."

my father stated while staring at me. 

"Oh okay. Sarah you can gather your things and go since your dad is here to release you."

Ms. Veronica smiled and gave hand gestures for me to come towards the front of the class.


Shakenly, I slowly gathered my things while thinking of a situation that would prevent Ms. Veronica from letting me go. Out of the eight years of my living I had never been picked up from school for any kind of appointment, let alone, a doctors visit. My mind sorted through all my thoughts of how many times I have actually been to the doctor for something other than immunizations, but nothing came to me.


I wondered if my mother knew dad was here picking me up, or if my brothers knew, or if they would be looking for me once school was actually out. Everything inside of me was telling me to scream, run, don't go, but I was more afraid of the questions of why I wouldn't want to leave with my dad compared to the reasons why I wanted to stay at school, which would have been two of the same answers. I was frighten of what my father would do to me once I leave, but even more ashamed of the things that would happen at home alone with him to share the reasons why. 

I placed everything in my bookbag and stepped away from my desk. Nervously, I walked to the front of the class.

"Goodbye Ms. Veronica" 

I muttered while grabbing my fathers hand. 

"I hope the appointment goes well, have a good day, I'll see you tomorrow."

Ms. Vernocia exclaimed as she walked us to the door. 


At that very moment I knew my trials had now begun. 

To be continued Aug 10, 2022 at: 11:59pm 

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