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Writing Since 2015

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Spiritual Slaughter 

Gospel Poetry E-Book

(Available Free For a Limited Time Only)

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Love Ladii Lee
Book Publishing Company 

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What do we do? We Work For You!

Interested in writing a book? Maybe you would like to develop your creative thoughts by joining one of  Love Lee's webinar training classes.

This training class will walk you through each step to help you achieve a finish product, but we won't stop there. If you want to publish your book, we will make sure your secure by guiding you through all the proper procedures to assure your book is safe for printing.


Once this is done we can assign you to one of our team members to help you through our publishing process or you can continue to take our webinar training classes to learn how to self publish all on your own. 

Interested in starting your own business? Love Ladii Lee can assist you along the way. Simply sign up for an "All You Need To Know For An LLC" webinar session and learn a quick fast and simple way to start your own business.


If that class is too accelerated for you, don't worry, the "All You Need To Know For An LLC" webinar will be broken down into smaller sessions for better understanding. Check out our calendar for the next up coming classes and sign up today!

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Is There a Way to Love Me? Book Cover

"Is There a Way to Love Me?" A story of different types of women. Let Geneva, Tori, and Dymin guide you through all the things love can do physically, emotionally, and spiritually, and discover a new found heart.


Check out the first Three Chapter of

"Is There a Way to Love Me?" Absolutely free here on this site. Just go to "Summary of Latest Book" an begin your first Three Chapters Now!

(Book Will Be Available 2022) 

What Lies Beneath A Secret? Book Cover

"What Lies Beneath a Secret?" Lies, betrayal, deceit, and anger. Lisa becomes overwhelmed with decisions. After many trials and tribulations, she loses control of what is real and what should be her life. She decides to take her fate in her own hands and only she is the one that can decide what should and will happen next. Dive deep into the events of Lisa's soul path and discover what lies ahead for her. 

This E-Book is now available here on this site! Just go "Shop" and purchase your E-Book for only $9.99 (Also Available on Amazon) 


Spiritual Slaughter" is a story of oneself  discovering a life of spirituality, guidance, and happiness from a Higher Power. Explore the many poetic stories of a profound love. 


This book is Available as an E-Book Absolutely Free Only at: for a Limited Time Only! Be sure to go to our "shop" page and download your copy today! 

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Spiritual Slaughter Chapter 1  | Love Ladii Lee 04/13/2022

Spiritual Slaughter Audio Release Preview | Love Ladii Lee 04/13/2022

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