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Being Ready

it seems as though life is a struggle. It's like as soon as you get over one obstacle there is another hurtle you have to jump. No matter what you do it always feels like your falling behind or off track and can't seem to figure out what this world has to offer you. Life is full of pressure, pressure to become someone, pressure at work, pressure to succeed, but no one ever seems to be up for the challenge. Complaints is always mentioned but blessing are rarely recognized. If we looked at life from a different perspective I wonder how happy each individual would be. It seems as if we ask for things and even when we receive them they just weren't exactly what we thought it would be.

For a long time I questioned many things that happened to me over my life span, while wondering why God would allow such things to happen to me. What appeared to be traumatizing events ended up being life changing experiences in reality. It wasn't until April 13, 2018 that I was able to stop questioning the plans God had set before me. This was the day I let all my fears go and gave all my worries and my stress to the Lord. This was also the day I began to understand that I don't have to understand everything. God does everything for a reason, from the seasons, to the passing of a loved one. From a starving child to a homeless person. God is the Father of all Fathers and His masterplan is set up to where no one can fail, and though this may be hard to believe and visualize, I believe in my heart that this is true.

Life is challenging but its about being ready for that challenge and accepting the mission. When I took this picture the first thing that came to mind was the preparation. This squirrel acted as if he knew I was going to take this picture. So much so, it almost looks as if he was posing for the camera. That was when I realized life is about being ready for anything at any moment, but the only way to be ready is to be with God because it is He who has everything you need to be prepared. Its about having faith and knowing with God all things are possible.

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