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Living in the Light…

I was walking around Flanagan Lake when I looked in the sky and saw what I prayed for. I had asked God to let me see an angel in the clouds and I reminisced on the time I asked God if I could see an angel before. I knew the odds were slim, but I also thought to myself how slim the odds were the first time. I remember it like yesterday. My husband at the time, and I were driving home from Walmart when all of the sudden I began to yell “turn the car around, turn the car around.” My Ex had no idea why all of the sudden I started to scream but I was so amazed that the clouds revealed an angel that took up most the sky, I just had to see it again, but by the time we were able to come back around the angel had disappeared. I wasn’t quite sure if my Ex truly believed the sky had transformed but my eyes couldn’t shake the miracle it had beheld, and deep in my heart I always wanted to see that angel again.

So the day I took this picture I knew God had set it up for me. Looking up is my hobby and when I notice the depiction of Christ in the clouds I knew I had to take a picture. This was a sign to me that God is watching every move we make. He is listening to our every word and is guiding our every step. This was a sign showing if you ask, He will deliver. I can say that God is my protector and this picture may not reveal the same image to the next pair of eyes, but I know in my heart God placed it in the clouds for all the world to see that God speaks and He lives and this was Him answering a small prayer for me.

Thank you for listening 😇

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