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Beyond The Darkness

In life challenges are to be faced. There is simply no way of avoiding them. You're going to go through ups and downs, loss of family members, loss of employment, a period where you are lost and confused of what to do next. This is just a cycle each individual have to go through in order to make us strong and wise. Many of us pray for strength while not realizing the only way we can become stronger is by going through pain. Trials and tribulations are designed for us to learn perseverance. You can't let the plan of the enemy distract you from what God has placed you on this earth to do.

So many times I have been in situations where I had to look back and reach on the moments I was not able to do anything but go through a trial, which is what gave me the strength to be able to go through the next predicament. God will put you through one thing just so you can be ready for the next thing. Life is not meant to break you down, but to build you up for the preparation of Heaven. When you look at trials and tribulations as test we must pass, you begin to have a different understanding to what the trial is all about. Your faith will be tested, but through each test your faith will begin to develop into a stronger wall of belief in Our Father if only you persevere through the hard moments.

I always loved the sun, become it seems as if when it rises even the darkness has to get out of the way. You become filled with that kind of light the more you walk in Christ, the more you forgive, the more you don't give up, the more you believe in self, the more miracles that will unfold in front of you. Your light is your Strength! And the only way to gain more strength is to keep faith in God through it all, and to believe with all your mind, heart, body , and soul, that God will bring you through, and he will, if you just believe! Claim it, be Gracious, and don't let any moment stop you from progress.

Love, Peace, and Happiness


Love Ladii Lee

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