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Path to success

Looking at this picture reminds me of all the bumps and rocks that can be on the road in life. People complain over all the logs and leaves that may fall in the way while proceeding, but they never pay attention to how the water steady flows so easily through the obstacles as if they were never there. I like to call those obstacles trials and tribulations. Though the objects might cause harm to the ground beneath the water, the ground will repair, but the water must steady flow. I like to look at the water as in "the God in me." This is my faith, hope, and belief, that through all things God is by my side. Sometimes life can become challenging. We may lose a job, a loved one, Lord forbids any of this, but in life anything can happen. We must be prepared and aware that what we go through, God puts us through, to build us, and not to break us. Success is defined as: The accomplishment of one's goals. To me that states that each trial accomplished, is a goal accomplished, and a blessing on the way because you kept the water flowing. When I look at life from this path, this picture, this angle, I start to realize that its not the trials and tribulations or obstacles we must focus on, but the faith that God knows what's best for us... That faith that keeps the water flowing down the stream while we are on our pathway to success.

Love Ladii Lee

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