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Overcoming Fears

As I sat on my living room couch watching the movie "Ten Commandments" that starred Charlton Heston, all I could think was, what possessed Moses to attempt climbing a mountain? It was as if he didn't have a choice. He saw a burning bush and felt compelled to see why the bush was not actually burning. He didn't know what he may run into, he didn't bring anything to protect himself, he just saw a burning bush, and off he went to chase the fire. He didn't think of bears or any other animal that may cause him any harm. Joshua was there, and even still Moses didn't ask for Joshua to walk along with him for company. Moses just went. When I realized the lack of fear in Moses, this alone, made me look at fear differently. In just a moment of time, Moses went from believing he was not the deliverer, to full heartedly chasing what he once thought was just a myth told by the Hebrews. Its amazing how in just a split second of being in the presence of God how your entire life can change. How can you walk away from everything you once knew and just begin an entire new path. Well, just recently when I went to the Rocky Mountains National Park in Colorado for a quick get away, I felt a change that made me understand Moses chase for God.

I had so much going on at home. I had been distracted from achieving deadlines I knew I should make. I tried to avoid my emptiness and loneliness with partying with friends and family, so much so, my house begin to be known as the vacation spot for people who didn't want to be alone just like me. I was losing control of my life and I felt lost and confused and just had to take a quick get away. When we arrived at the Rocky Mountains, the energy alone that came from the nature all around us, sent positive vibes throughout my spirit. I was able to view the world a way I was never able to see it before. Everything around me became filled with beauty, and all I could feel was love like it was in the air and I was breathing it in. It was something that changed me while I was on that trip, and even though I had a near death experience while we were traveling, even though I walked through the mountains with bears, lions, and tigers, without a lick of fear, it was something that changed me. Something that had ripped me of my fears before even making it to the mountains. I had been changed by the power of God.

I begin to think different, I began to say things I usually wouldn't say, and I was ready to get back to work. I wanted to succeed. I wanted to be the woman I dreamed I would be as a child, and right then, was when I noticed that I have already become that girl without even trying. God led me to my divine destiny without my awareness! I felt so blessed to understand that I didn't have to worry, stress, or have any kind of fears, because God will guide me, and with Him on my side, no enemy can stop me. Colorado showed me how much more life has to offer. All my fears left me in Colorado because I felt in my heart I know exactly who I am. So when it comes to overcoming fears, I truly believe the first step should be to find God, so God can help you find you. Only then will you be able to shake all your fears.

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